Campus & Facilities

Campus and Facilities
Kinhaven is located in Weston, Vermont, 30 minutes north of Manchester and 30 minutes south of Ludlow. Our 31-acre campus is dotted with practice cabins, a concert hall, a large rehearsal building, a dining facility, a barn with piano and teaching studios, and student and faculty housing.

The Concert Hall
The Concert Hall holds an audience of 200. All of the public concerts are presented in the Concert Hall. Everything from nightly orchestra rehearsals and daily choral rehearsals to large percussion pieces and weekly folk dancing takes place in this inviting wooden building. The Concert Hall houses our best Steinway, a small pipe organ and a harpsichord.

Rehearsal Studios
Practice cabins dot the landscape of Kinhaven’s campus. Our grand pianos, including many Steinways, are continually being upgraded and restored. A very large rehearsal building called Crescendo is reserved for brass players and larger ensembles.

Music Library
We have an extensive music library, from classical to contemporary, for all combinations of instruments.

Dining Facilities
The Kinhaven kitchen is famous for its delicious homemade food—fresh, nutritious and locally-sourced. Breads and breakfast coffee cakes are baked daily. Lasagna, pizza, quiches, soups, pesto, burritos and desserts are all made from scratch by our dedicated cooks. Non-meat dishes are available for our vegetarian population. Meals are times of good eating, socializing, and are the focal point of communication within the Kinhaven community.

Accommodations for Students and Workshop Participants
Students and workshop participants stay in spacious, recently built cabins. For the Junior and Senior sessions, four to eight students share a room with a counselor living nearby. For the Chamber Music and Piano workshops, accommodations vary according to the participants’ preference for a single or shared space.

Health Center and Main House Common Room
Kinhaven has a well-equipped health center which is available twenty-four hours a day, and a Common Room that has a fireplace, games, and comfortable couches for relaxation and coziness.

Our comprehensive afternoon program has something for everyone. The beautiful swimming pond, volleyball court, soccer field, basketball court, tennis court, and ping pong tables are available to everyone. The art house has a fully equipped pottery studio for beginner and experienced ceramists alike. The afternoon can be yours to read, practice, play chess or cards, compose, or indulge in a favorite Kinhaven pastime, “hill-sitting.”