Young Artist Seminar

Adam Grabois, Director

Sunday June 3, 2018 – Sunday, June 10, 2018


In 2015, we held the pilot season of the Kinhaven Young Artist Seminar. Open to pre-formed groups as well as individual players (ages 18-28) , the Young Artist Seminar  provided an opportunity for intensive study and performance of chamber works. We were com­mitted to creating a program with the greatest artistic and education­al benefit, and one squarely in line with Kinhaven’s core values.

The Program
The Young Artist Seminar  focuses on chamber music repertoire and will also include works performed by our conductorless chamber orchestra and our chorus. Each chamber group  studies one work during the week-long program and  receives daily coachings by our faculty. Other musical activities may include master classes, studio classes as well as opportunites for singing and organized discussions on musical topics. Each group is assigned to a rehearsal studio and a coach. Rehearsals and coachings take place each morning and afternoon.

The week’s work culminates in outreach concerts in Southern Vermont as well as in our own concert hall. All students perform the chamber work studied while at Kinhaven. Performances by the conductorless chamber orchestra and the chorus are featured on the Sunday morning concert.

The workshop begins with supper on Sunday and ends with lunch the following Sunday. Admission is open to serious musicians and pre-formed groups, ages 18-28.

The Faculty will consist of the finest coaches, many drawn from the rosters of Kinhaven’s Senior Session.

Housing and Food

Kinhaven has camp facilities consisting of communal cabins with bunk beds and shared bathrooms. There is electricity in all cabins. The Common Room in the Main House will be available day and night for reading, visiting, and relaxing in front of the fireplace.

Meals will be provided from supper on Sunday to lunch the following Sunday. The Kinhaven kitchen is famous for its delicious homemade fare—fresh, nutritious and non-institutional. Vegetarian meals will be available.

Tuition for 2018 is $1000.

How to Apply

Join our email list to be notified when we’re accepting applications for Summer 2018.

For more information, write to

Audition Requirements
A live audition is strongly recommended, though CD, DVD and sound file auditions will be accepted.

Live Auditions

Prepare two movements which demonstrate contrast in style and technique. Movements should be played in their entirety.

Live auditions for the Young Artist Seminar 2018 will be posted HERE in the new year.  In some cases, it may be possible to schedule auditions at alternative times (please write to for more information.).

Recorded Auditions

Recorded auditions may be video or audio-only, though video is strongly preferred. Selections may be taken from a live performance or prepared in a studio. Submissions must be unedited and continuous. The repertoire requirements are the same as above. Please take care to label your recorded audition very carefully (repertoire, movements, personnel, date, etc.). If you have any questions about acceptable formats, please write us at If you submit a recorded audition, we may choose to follow up with a webcam audition.

We have extended our application deadlines. Please submit materials as soon as possible and we will remain in close contact once your application and audition video are received.

Group Auditions

The audition requirements (repertoire and guidelines) for Groups and Individuals are the same. If you are applying as a group but are unable to submit materials as a group, you may apply as individuals and request to be considered as a group.


Please send all materials to:

 Adam Grabois
68 Bradhurst Avenue, #7G
New York, NY  10039


If you have further questions, please email