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    Contacting Kinhaven Staff During the Off-Season:

    Kinhaven Administrative Office
    6 Elberta Road
    Maplewood, NJ 07040
    phone: (973) 378-5854

    Junior Session Directors
    Sandy Dennis & Marty Knieriem
    phone: (413) 584-3182

    Senior Session Directors
    Deborah Buck & Tony Mazzocchi
    phone: (973) 378-5854

    Young Artist Seminar
    Adam Grabois, Director
    68 Bradhurst Avenue #7G
    New York, NY 10039
    phone: (212) 222-5510

    Adult Chamber Music Workshop
    Alberto and Naho Parrini, Directors
    295 Bennett Avenue #4F
    New York, NY 10040
    phone: (631) 523-2462

    Adult Piano Workshop
    Leander Bien, Director
    9 Lopa Court
    North Potomac, MD 20878
    phone: (301) 340-6583

    Contacting Students/Staff at Kinhaven During the Summer

    U.S. Postal Service
    Summer Mailing Address
    PO Box 68
    Weston, VT 05161

    UPS and FedEx only
    Summer Mailing Address
    Kinhaven Music School
    354 Lawrence Hill Road
    Weston, VT 05161

    On-Campus Phone:
    There is a phone in the hall downstairs from the dining hall; the number is (802) 824-9592. The best time to call a student is during one of the meals.

    Senior Session:
    7:30-8:00 am Breakfast
    1:00-1:30 pm Lunch
    6:00-6:45 pm Supper

    Junior Session (call during second week only):
    8:00-8:30 am Breakfast
    12:30-1:00 pm Lunch
    6:00-6:45 pm Dinner

    Office Phone:
    We have a phone with an answering machine where a call-back message may be left; the number is (802) 824-4332. The message will be delivered to the intended recipient at the next meal time.