COVID-19 Resource Center

After losing all sessions for Summer 2020, Kinhaven engaged in a rigorous “recovery campaign” to ensure that our institution could withstand the challenges and uncertainties of a global health crisis.  Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support we received, we are proud to announce that Kinhaven will re-open our doors for summer 2021.

With the detailed planning measures we established for Summer 2020, the important lessons we have all learned throughout this year, and the vaccination roll-out, we are confident that we will be able to re-open those doors with robust protocols to ensure the health and well-being of our entire community.

As with everything here at Kinhaven, we want to be completely transparent as we move forward toward safely making music together again. Please consider this page your central resource for our latest communications regarding our plans, operations, and guidelines for COVID-19 safety. As with everything this past year, plans will undoubtably change as new information arises so please check back often for the latest news.

Kinhaven Town Hall Meetings

We are committed to keeping the lines of communication open with everyone in our beloved Kinhaven community. As such, we will be hosting monthly Town Hall meetings on Zoom to update everyone with the latest news. Our most recent meeting was held on May 18, 2021 and focused specifically on the operating protocols for our SR Session program.

If you were unable to join us, please peruse this powerpoint presentation and contact us with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions (by Topic)

Current Status

Q: Will Kinhaven be open for in-person instruction?
A: Yes, we plan to operate in-person for most of our summer music programs.

Q: Would programs run virtually, should that status changes?
A: No, we are not planning virtual contingencies at this time.

COVID-19 Response Overview

Q: What is your approach towards COVID management?
A: Commonly known as a “bubble”, our campus will function as a self-contained community for each program (likely without visitors or off-campus trips).

Q: How will you develop procedural strategies?
A: In accordance with the Association for Camp Nursing and the American Camp Association, with guidance from the CDC, WHO, and local health authorities.

Testing, Vaccination, Quarantine

Q: What are Kinhaven’s current plans regarding testing?
A: Unvaccinated members will be tested before arrival, upon arrival, and several days later to ensure the campus is COVID-free as we establish our “bubble” environment.

Q: What are Kinhaven’s current plans regarding vaccination?
A: We expect all adult staff and faculty members to be vaccinated, and strongly encourage our teenage student population be fully vaccinated as well.

Q: Will students be asked to quarantine in advance?
A: Unvaccinated students will submit a health screening form, which attests to certain safe behaviors regarding contacts and travel.

What if someone gets sick?

Kinhaven has a Communicable Disease Plan (CDP), and staff will receive professional development on it prior to camp starting. We will be collaborating the Manchester Medical Center for executing our CDP.

(An excerpt/example can be found on Slide 11 of the deck above.)

Additional Questions (Travel Concerns, Concerts, etc.)

Q: Will students be allowed to fly to camp?
A: Absolutely yes. We ask that students arriving by plane follow recommended practices to ensure that transmission risks are mitigated en route.

Q: Will parents be able to watch student performances?
A: Our current plan is that all concerts will be live-streamed so that families will be able to watch their children perform (safely) from home this summer.

When will more details be available?

Our COVID-19 Resource Center (incl. these FAQs) will be regularly updated with details regarding policies and procedures, as well as new questions submitted by families.

We will continue to host monthly virtual Town Hall Presentations through August, and welcome those interested to register for an event by clicking for SR Session or JR Session.

Upcoming Town Halls:
SR Session – Tuesday, June 15th
JR Session – Tuesday, June 22nd

Register for an event by clicking for SR Session or JR Session.