This summer we are thrilled to announce we will be welcoming the world to join us in the rolling hills of Vermont as we stream our student concerts live to this webpage! Please watch the schedule below and join us! All times listed are Eastern Daylight Time.

Upcoming Live Events:

Kinhaven Senior Sesson:

Week 1:
Faculty: Saturday, July 3rd — 7:30pm
Student: Sunday, July 4th — 2:30pm

Week 2:
Student: Friday, July 9th — 4:00pm
Faculty: Saturday, July 10th — 7:30pm
Student: Sunday, July 11th — 2:30pm

Week 3:
Student: Friday, July 16th — 4:00pm
Faculty: Saturday, July 17th — 7:30pm
Student: Sunday, July 18th — 2:30pm

Week 4:
Student: Friday, July 23rd — 4:00pm
Faculty: Saturday, July 24th — 7:30pm
Student: Sunday, July 25th — 2:30pm

Week 5:
Student: Friday, July 30th — 4:00pm (*Composer’s Concert)
Faculty: Saturday, July 17th — 7:30pm
Student: Sunday, August 1st — 2:30pm

Week 6:
Student: Final Concert I — Saturday, August 7th – 2:30pm
Student: Final Concert II — Saturday, August 7th – 7:30pm
Student: Final Concert III — Sunday, August 8th – 10:00am