“Kinhaven Deeply Fostered My Love of Music”

“My four years at Kinhaven were really meaningful to me and definitely fostered my love of music and shaped who I am today,” says Minnesota Orchestra Concertmaster Erin Keefe (’90–’93), reflecting on her time at Kinhaven, which first… Read More

A Supportive Community of Loving Souls

Julie Landsman Brooklyn-native and world-renowned French hornist Julie Landsman was the principal horn of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for twenty-five years (1985-2010). She has also served on the faculty of her alma mater, the Juilliard School, since 1989,… Read More

Where I Realized What Music Could Be

It is not unusual for a person to identify a space in their lives that has been “flagged,” a moment they consider essential and pivotal. These moments are not just life changing, but have become so deeply tied… Read More

A Conversation with Sarah Whitney:

By: Karl Grohmann Sarah and I grew up attending Kinhaven Music School together in the1990s. I recently had the privilege of reconnecting with Sarah and talking about our Kinhaven memories and our continued musical journeys since our childhood…. Read More

“It’s very possible that if I never went to Kinhaven I never would have started writing music.”

Listening to the eclectic and marvelous music of composer Jon Russell is a pleasure quite apart from his Kinhaven connection—but remembering the connection provides a delight of its own. At Kinhaven, there was very little Jon did not… Read More

The Kinspirit Ethos: A Deep Optimism and Idealism

“We all had something to offer. That’s something that – especially at that age – was formative and important. I’ll always be thankful to Kinhaven for that.”

A Balancing Act: Designing the Faculty Concert Series

When Deborah Buck joined the Kinhaven faculty in 2001, she and her colleagues would hand then-director Nancy Bidlack slips of paper on Thursday during Staff Week (the week before camp opens), listing works they’d like to perform. Nancy… Read More

A Space that Valued Us

I went to a large, elite, suburban, and competitive public high school. While I excelled, the culture wasn’t “deliberate,” the way Kinhaven’s was. It didn’t feel okay to be as smart as I was, particularly as a girl,… Read More