SR Session Audition Page

What to Prepare

We would like applicants to play five-to-ten minutes worth of music that is representative of your playing.  Prepare selections that you can play with confidence, avoiding ones that are too challenging or too new to demonstrate your abilities.

Selections may be from a single work or multiple pieces/etudes.  

*Recordings should not be more than 6 months old.
**If you perform a slow section of music, also perform a section with contrasting tempo.

Option 1: Submit a Video-Recorded Audition

Step 1: Complete an Online Application before submitting audition materials.
Step 2: Click HERE to submit your audition links.

Please do not send recordings as attachments … we will not be able to open them.

Option 2: Schedule a Live Audition

Kinhaven will hold live auditions in several cities in February, 2020

Our live audition circuit has already concluded … if you have questions, write to


Audition FAQs

When is my recording due?

For the Regular Admissions Period (11/1-2/28): All recordings are due by March 1st
For the Final Admissions Period (3/1 and beyond): Submit All Recordings ASAP

How do I schedule a live audition?

In January and February, applicants who have requested a live audition (via their Online Application) will receive their audition details by email within 2-5 days.

Should I perform with an accompanist?

You may audition in whichever setting (accompanied or unaccompanied) you are most comfortable.  We do not require piano accompaniment.

Should I include scales?

Scales will not be assessed, so please do not include them with your video-recorded audition.  Live applicants have the option to play a scale or two in the room (as a warm-up), but these will not be considered part your audition.

May I play a duet with my teacher, or with another student?

We require a solo selection, so duets (with the same instrument) are not acceptable.  However, you may submit a chamber music recording – in addition to your solo recordings – if you would like to.

Should I talk on my recording?

Introductions are not required. If you would like to introduce yourself briefly before playing, that is acceptable. No extensive autobiographies, please.

What about quality of recording?

We do not expect professional level recordings, and our faculty’s trained ears can forgive home-style fidelity.  However, be sure to watch all of your video so that you can be sure that it is flattering, and that elements such as vibrato are apparent.

If possible, listen to your video recordings with your teacher before submitting them.

If my sister or brother is also auditioning, can we use the same recording?

No, kindly send us two separate recordings. We will treat each applicant separately.

If I am auditioning on more than one instrument, can I put both on the same recording?

Because we will circulate your recording among the faculty members who teach your instrument, we require separate recordings for separate instruments.