Kinhaven Pianos for Sale

Steinway Square Grand Piano


This 1884 7′ x 3.5′ Square  Grand, with its gorgeous Braziliam Rosewood case is in excellent condition, considering its vintage, and offers a unique historical experience for the pianist. It has had admirable work including a restringing with ALL bridge caps replaced, and modern NY Steinway hammers fitted on the action.

View of new bridge caps, with the restringing
View of the action’s new Steinway hammers

Baldwin 5’2” Walnut Grand


This post-1995 5’2” grand is in original condition (no new materials or other major work), but is in fine shape. Pinblock, strings, action, dampers and pedal lyre have minimal wear. Its walnut finish is quite nice.

Also available are two longtime Kinhaven practice room grand piano, An ebony Chickering grand and a dark mahogany Steck grand. These are free for the taking away.

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